WOW this is wonderful! What an encouragement. I just started the CG routine 3 days ago. This site is great!

I love this thread, cant wait to put my results up! Im only 3 days in but the difference is already pleasing :-)

Im doing it mainly for my daughter. She is even curlier than me and I dont want her to hate her curls like I did, and If i straighten my hair all the time, it wont be long before my toddler is a little girl crying in front of the mirror wanting to straighten out hers too!! no way!


3A, but I think it'll get to at least 3B after a while coz its already looking curlier. I still have flat wavy bits on the top tho. baby steps.

Super freakishly horribly porous from consistant colouring and blowdrying and straightening weekly.

Dry, Uneven layers, split ends and crying out for help!

not sure about elasticity yet, need to learn about it.

(started 3 days ago and seeing results already)
- no poo whatsoever.
cleansing instead with conditioner mixed with 1 tbs of brown sugar. So far it Works a charm 2x a week. will also use the "Lemon Aid" method as I tried that a few yrs back and found it to be a great way to rid the build up.

- Have been using Biolage conditioner for dry damaged hair. Will be changing to DE LORENZO ALLEVI8 CONDITIONER tomorrow

- sunsilk clear gel that does not have silicone in it. Will switch to something better when I find it.