Hi all. I had my hair cut a while ago by someone trained in the Devachan method. When she styled my hair with all the products, it looked greater than ever before, so of course I brought everything. I was disappointed when I got home that I could never recreate the look, and in fact my hair looked worse than before. That's just my little rant, but here is my question:
I have heard from my stylist and read here suggestions about styling hair when it is still basically soaking wet, and not using a towel and just patting it dry. My hair is extremely thick and pretty long. Using a diffuser (after product), it takes almost an hour to get completely dry, and half an hour to get to the point where it does not drip down my back. I don't really have that kind of time very often (plus my arms get tired). What do you people with thick, long hair do about the drying time? Patting my hair with a t-shirt does nothing to get it dry-- it will drip for hours after. I hear all these great things about this method and want it to work for me, but cannot figure out how. Please help!