Warning: This is long lol, sorry.

I've been CG for about a month now and this is how far I've come...

Also, anyone have recs for a lightly moisturizing curl enhancer that works well without a LI?

Here we go. These are the curls I was born with:

I used to have long hair and I always BRUSHED it out to a big poof....

Eventually I got it chopped off because I was bored... This is actually a pic right after I came from the salon.

Aaaand here are my curls now, and my new Devacut (and 50 pounds lighter):
Originally Posted by aliquot
You and your curls are beautiful!! Don't get me wrong, I love my hair, but I would not be sad if one day I woke up and my curls were as tight as yours.

Also--you have great bone structure!
somewhere between fine and medium texture
average porosity underneath, fairly high porosity in the canopy

cowash: Suave Tropical Coconut
rinse-out: GFTN, One-C
styling: LALSG, EcoStyler, Deva Styling Cream