Ok yall are brave I could never wax myself, hell sometimes I want to beat the woman who is waxing me lol.

Then I tried my girlfriends Braun Silk Epil for real it was like slow torture...on the up side it did give a nice shave but man it hurt like a bit@# maybe I am just a baby.

Anyway I shave and my ex actually taught me I was doing it wrong. He gave me some tips and I have to say I no longer get ingrown hairs and I stopped destroying my skin. So here are the the three things I learned number one women's razor suck I use mens, the Mach3 is awesome and thy always have a sale and a coupon (about $9 for 5). Second shave the way the hair grows so for most ladies you should shave your legs going down not up. Third use a thin layer of oil and then a good shaving cream. When you apply a thin layer of oil (I use coconut) it makes the razor slide better thus no bruising the skin and get a good quality shaving cream again men's stuff is superior to women I actually use this stuff from crab tree and evelyn, Nomad I think ($14). It is a really good shave and the best thing is there is no pain.

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After almost a month, I have to say this method of shaving WORKS. I was always taught to shave against the grain/direction the hair lies (i.e., up for the legs). My legs are smoother longer shaving down.

I still haven't tried the men's razor yet. I still have some of the women's fillers. When I run out, I'm going to buy some of the men's fillers and see if they'll pop into my women's Quattro handle.

I haven't tried the oil, but I have stopped shaving in the shower. I actually shower and then shave with a foot on the toilet cover near the sink. I have more control this way and don't feel rushed.

So....I don't know if I'm going back to getting my legs waxed now. Maybe one day, but why go back to waxing them when shaving gives me the same feel now that I'm doing it using a better technique?

Still haven't done anything with my pit hair. So afraid of ingrowns and don't want the darkened pits.

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