I borrowed my Mom's Instyler and I have to say it does really work and my hair is crazy thick and curly but I'm nervous about heat damage I don't think I have had any yet (I've only used it 3 or 4 times) but the bristles scare me a bit. I do think its hard to get close to the roots. I have never used it on wet hair I always roller set first. I don't think it will hold up well in high humidity but my hair always puffs up no matter what so maybe other people have had better luck. HTH
3B/3C Thick Wavy/Curly
Currently battling the damage from weekly flat ironing and permanent dye.
GOAL: BSL (when curly) All Natural Healthy Hair.
Co Wash: Trader Joe Tea Tree Conditioner (great stuff!)
DC: KBB Hair Mask, Yes to Carrots deep conditioner
Style: Flax seed gel with Aloe, Avocado oil
Treatments: BAQ Henna