I got him to buy them for me, he got me the gold cassette ones at 15% off from Rachel Stewart! YES.

I guess I will be making him some smoothered pork chops with onions, sweet tea, and some mac n cheese tomorrow.

I wonder if I can get him to buy me some curl junkie and say it's a purse or some shoes, LOL.
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You have it baaad.lol
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It's only been 8 days since the new year and I'm already at the foot of my bed with my poo bars everywhere looking at them, smelling them, touching them.....My PRREEECIOUUUSSSSSSSS (Lord of the rings voice).

Oh Dear God let me hit the Lotto so I can get off this No Buy, Low Buy Product fast. Please!

I even sent Rachel Stewart a message on Facebook asking her if my order went through, LOL. Now that's bad. I just wanted to make sure he placed the order, I was getting an itch because the confirmation goes to his email and not mine, I had to know, LOL.

Is there a program for junkies like me, LOL