I've done laser treatment for my face (chin area) and it's the one of the best cosmetic decisions I've ever made. 8 sessions with a 3 year guarantee of 4 touch up sessions - $550 total at a medi-spa (Laser Cosmetica in NYC and Philly). Greatly reduced the amount of hair.

@ Nappy Crown. I'm dark-skinned as well. As you probably already know, the key is to find a place (that you trust of course) that uses the "Cool Glide" or "YAG" laser for dark skin types.

And then there's electrolysis. I've researched this technique used by Lucy Peters which is supposedly permanent. (Although the FDA says there is no such thing as truly permanent hair removal for some individuals.) When I read the reviews, it seems like a lot of transgender folks love the Lucy Peters technique for facial hair removal. I think I trust their opinion...LOL.

And then there's this litte thingy: The Epicare Sort of based on the threading technique, but you do it yourself. Takes a bit to get the hang of it, but I loved using it before getting laser treatment. Here's a link to a youtuber demonstrating it: YouTube - Bellabe/Epicare Facial Hair Removal

This is a generally good site to read up on hair removal: Hairtell: Hair removal forum

Funny. We spend so much time and money keeping the hair on our heads and keeping it off everywhere else.....

I'm in the same boat as Coco T...I want laser!! The only problem is that as a dark skinned woman, I have to go to a dermatologist rather than a medispa to get it done, which like triples the dayum price. So instead of $100-150 per session (every 4-6 weeks) I'm looking at like $300-500 per session. *sigh*

I shave my legs and under arms and I nair my "other" areas and face. I tried plucking but the ingrown hairs on my chin were the WORST and waxing left ingrowns on my chin also. I do wax the other areas from time to time, but I kinda perfer the nair because of the expense. The trick I found to using the nair is that I cover the area that I'm removing the hair from with vaseoline...a thick layer of vaseoline and then apply the nair. I haven't had a problem with buring since I learned that from a friend. I can leave that stuff on for 15-20 minutes and not have it burn and be smooth as a baby's bottom. I usually apply prior to my shower and then let it sit for about 10 min while I do other stuff, hop in and rinse off and shower as normal. After my shower I apply some shea butter or coco butter to the area to sooth it and I'm good for weeks at a time and no ingrown hairs.

I have thought about using an epilator, but I'm afraid that its going to be just as bad a plucking as far as ingrowns so I havn't explored that option just yet.
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