Hello Ladies~ been popping in here now and again as my hair continues to change. I'm 43 and am gray/silver at the crown, temples and some in the back. I never thought i had fine hair but do see that now especially in the front and where the gray is. Is it because of the loss of pigment cells? It seems when i had it highlighted and low lighted approx 2 yrs ago the curl held better and was less 'fly away' and i see this kind of effect so to speak in women with obviously colored hair even. Anyway, i'm not wanting to deposit color or anything, Just simply needing good reccomendations on stylings products for fine hair.
Thanks so much and keep posting your journeys please,
soon i will get up some decent pics of my hair as it really is.
fine texture, porous,2c,3a&b (depending on humidity and length)Going gray

Wash: KCCC
Co wash~ Acure conditioner,JM Citrus Neroli
Leave in: KCKT, beatiful curls shae butter
Stylers: KKCC,