You could try the porosity test:

Put some strands of hair (clean with no product) in a bowl full of water (lay them on top of the water). If they sink to the bottom then your hair is highly porous, if they stay in the middle it's "normal", if they float it has low porosity.
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Yep, I did the water test. After 2 minutes my hair still floated on top of the water & continued to do so for days--lol.

I recently paid for a hair analysis that confirmed that I have low porosity hair, but also stated I had fine hair when I thought my hair was medium or even coarse.

If you wish to find out your hair texture, porosity & elasticity, check out Curl Wizard. For $19.99 you get a profile that tells you what type of hair you have in the aforementioned categories along with a listing of products to try. I think you can purchase the hair analysis sans the product listing for $9.99.
Curl Wizard - CurlGenie Profiles
Storm BC'd 12/30/09 (my gorgeous dd), low porosity, thick density, medium-coarse texture?, elasticity ?
Mom BC'd 5/31/10, fine texture, low porosity, normal density, low elasticity
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