I've done laser treatment for my face (chin area) and it's the one of the best cosmetic decisions I've ever made. 8 sessions with a 3 year guarantee of 4 touch up sessions - $550 total at a medi-spa (Laser Cosmetica in NYC and Philly). Greatly reduced the amount of hair.

@ Nappy Crown. I'm dark-skinned as well. As you probably already know, the key is to find a place (that you trust of course) that uses the "Cool Glide" or "YAG" laser for dark skin types.

And then there's electrolysis. I've researched this technique used by Lucy Peters which is supposedly permanent. (Although the FDA says there is no such thing as truly permanent hair removal for some individuals.) When I read the reviews, it seems like a lot of transgender folks love the Lucy Peters technique for facial hair removal. I think I trust their opinion...LOL.
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Was it difficult finding a place, and then laser settings that worked?

I asked my derm about laser, back when I had insurance. Never went through with it, because I didn't want to put out the money and also thought it wouldn't be worth it. Isn't it all about whether the hair is darker than the surrounding skin? My hair can be super fine and hard to see until it's in great quantities. It creates shadow on the skin, but it's not a true contrast with my skin, you know?

I thought the electrolysis would be a better route, but then the time is greater.
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Yeah, I was on the fence for a long time trying to decide where, when, and if I wanted to do it. I wish I would've just done it sooner - although finding the right person was critical. It was on the recommendation of other dark skinned people that I chose the place that I did. I think they found my "setting" relatively quickly within 2 sessions.

I was under the impression that laser treatments were off limits for us dark skinned folk. And indeed it was for quite some time before the development of YAG lasers that were able to distinguish dark hair from dark skin. But they aren't perfect. Hair removal is tricky - especially on the face (which is often related to hormonal changes). And the finer, lighter or more sparse your hair is, the more difficult it will be for the laser to distinguish it and sort of "pick it up" and send light waves along it to it's root. And the success of the treatment depends heavily on the patient's case and the skill of the practitioner to fing that just right setting and frequency of treatment. Hence the promise is "permanent hair reduction" not "permanent hair removal."

My hairs were more like dark pesky whiskers concentrated in a finite space on each side of my face. It wasn't a full on beard, but it bothered me. I tried Vaniqa, but that was EXPENSIVE, and plucking, threading, shaving was becoming a chore. Thankfully, most of my hairs are gone. With the exception of about 10 sparse but stubborn gray hairs (I'm getting old), which lasers cannot remove because they are too light. My recommendation is to get it done before you turn gray. LOL. Lasers can't remove gray hairs, although electrolysis can.

For this I am considering electrolysis just to clean it up for good. My derm says electrolysis will now be less expensive since I have less hair to remove.