Sorry this picture is big, I had a trim at the local beauty school($6!)and she did a nice job. I just told her that the last time I'd had a uniform layered cut and now I'd like a trim. I think my hair is now about 8" all over, root to tip. All of the old color is now trimmed off. Since I am 2c a blunt cut worked well, no fancy texturizing.
Last night we went to a dance party. We saw quite a few people we hadn't seen in a year. I got a number of compliments, including one "hair hug". I'm sure you've had it happen, someone exclaims that they "love" your hair and proceed to muckle on!
My hair did not look so great after that but I didn't have time to fix it, so I just avoided mirrors.
Today I slathered on some Walgreen's biolage knockoff conditioner stuff and let it set for a couple hours, then massaged and rinsed,
Rinsed through 1t baking soda in a tumbler of water, rinsed out, rinsed through 1t ACV in a tumbler of water, rinsed out.
Scrunched in a little Alaffia hair lotion and LA looks Cashmere curls, clipped up the front and watched a movie (1 1/2 hrs) then sat under the "robot" for 10 minutes while it dried the rest of the way. You can see the robot in the background, my Babyliss Pro Ionic hardhat dryer.

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