Well, it's been said that coconut oil is good for keeping protein in your hair, so that could be a part of it if you're protein sensitive. However, I can use protein with few problems, but my hair doesn't like coconut oil either. It makes my hair dry and my scalp itchy.

It's kind of disheartening/confusing when a particular ingredient is backed up by so much research and seems to work for so many people, only for it to not do anything good for you. I experience the same thing with shea butter as well. Everyone rants and raves about it, but it just makes my hair straight up greasy and dry, no matter how I use it.

I guess the bottom line is that everyone's hair acts differently. Like you, though, I'm interested in finding out what it is that makes coconut oil drying.
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Coconut oil by itself makes my hair hard and scalp itchy too!! I have to mix shea butter with aloe vera juice for it to make my hair soft and not hard.

I've finally figured out that my hair is extremely protein sensitive. So maybe that's why my hair feels like a brillo pad after using some products. I've noticed that when coconut oil or shea butter is part of a product but also mixed with other oils/ingredients, that combo works fine. No problems.
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