This article is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for providing me the link! So do you think the proper way to use it would be before or after showering? or both?
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I use coconut oil before and after I wash my hair. These are the steps that I take:

- My coconut oil is normally solid so I fill a large pan with hot water then place a smaller bowl inside the large pan. I place 3 tablespoons of coconut oil inside the smaller bowl and I wait for it to melt. I do not like to apply hot oil to my hair because hot oil can damage the hair.

- I mist my hair with a small amount of water and then I apply the melted coconut oil to my hair. The coconut oil is normally luke warm at this point.

- I then wrap my hair with cling film(or a saran wrap or a plastic shower cap) this helps to open my cuticles allowing the coconut oil to penetrate into my hair shaft. I leave this on for a minimum of 15 mins

- I normally shampoo my hair with a sulfate free shampoo

- After shampooing I add coconut oil to my creamy conditioner and deep condition my hair.

Hope this helps.

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