At least for my hair...

-I've used permanent dye in the past and yes it worked but don't desire to use it again because of the damage it will ultimately cause and I am trying to grow my hair out.

-Henna and indigo mix (recommended for gray hair coverage and/or brunette/dark tresses) will not work for my hair. The indigo coats the hair strand with blue flakes that don't bind to it at all and fall off all over the place making a big mess and the henna dyes my grays a very unattractive, "Bozo-the-clown" red color that I cannot get with on a good day. Thank the Lord I tested it on a hair ball I collected instead of putting it outright on the hair on my head. I would have been very, very upset.

Which brings me to the semi-permanent dye dilemna I'm having. I am just not ready to embrace my grays though Lord knows I've tried to get into that mindset. I'm just not there yet. But whenever I take the time to dye with the semi permanent, it's time consuming and only last through 1 or 2 shampoos. I use heat hoping it will penetrate some and not just stain the strand darker but alas, so far, I have not been able to pull that off. I may have to try leaving on longer than recommended with heat, but I don't want to damage my hair.

This is where I get jealous of those with a higher porosity to their hair. My sis can put semi permanent on her hair and won't have to reapply for 6 months! So not fair...

ANYWAY, are there any low porosity ladies out there that have been able to successfully dye their hair with the semi permanent where it stays around longer than a minute? If so, what are your secrets? How do you pull it off? I'm listening with bated breath. Pray tell!
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Have you tried a permanent dye that doesn't have ammonia like Revlon Colorsilk? That might be a good alternative.
-Mostly 3C with some 4A.
-Currently APL.
-Shorterm Goal: BSL by end of the year.
-Longterm Goal: WL in 2 years.
-Medium/coarse hair, Low Porosity, Low-Elasticity, Medium Density.


Co-wash: Suave Naturals Cond. (any)
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Gel: SM Curl Souffle

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