curry curls - Umm yes the shortest layers are on top, she did a good job blending the layers. I've had cuts before where it looked like I had a SHELF of hair on top and one on the bottom. Horrible. She cut the back pretty short so there is a lot of volume back there, much more than at the front. I think I wish she had done something with my long pieces in the front, but now I am too afraid to cut them myself.

I'd say that my shortest layer on top, when stretched, actually reaches my jaw, but when allowed to curl, only goes to about the top of my ear.

As far as styling goes, when I am done in the shower I put in just a touch of leave-in (currently KCKT) and flip over upside-down. I usually comb my hair at this point with a wide-tooth away from my head to get everything oriented correctly (towards the floor) then I rake and scrunch in Jessicurl CCSS (I only have a sample and but I am looking for something better). Then usually I rake in only a bit of KCCC near the roots (I hate crunchy roots), and scrunch in the rest to the length of my hair.

This is all done while my hair is very wet, I only squeeze out the excess a bit before starting. After all of this, I plop for only about 15 minutes while I get dressed. This time is enough for my microfiber to soak up just enough so it isn't dripping anymore, and gives me some volume on top. Then I just shake a bit so all my clumps fall into place. I never arrange my clumps, I just let them fall to whichever side they want. Later when it is dry, I scrunch the crunch.

That sounds long...but it really is not horrible, lol.
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