Avoid anything processed that says "light" or "low fat" (ie chips, cookies etc etc). Sounds weird, but sugar substitute makes you hungrier and low fat usually has a lot of other bad stuff (such as sugar or salt) to compensate for the lack of fat.
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I have to disagree. There are absolutely no peer-reviewed scientific articles with evidence for artificial sweetener making you more hungry.

I for one have a HUGE sweet tooth and rely on my double chocolate Vitatop muffins every morning for my daily fix of chocolate. They are very high in fiber and only 100 calories.

Here are my tips:
-Avoid excess salt and sugar
-Eat whole fruits and veggies as opposed to juices, etc.
-Go for lean meats, ground chicken breast is a great substitute in anything containing ground beef!
-If you really want something at a restaurant that you know is horrible for you, ask for them to wrap up half of the dish before even bringing it to the table so you won't eat the whole thing and you can enjoy it again the second day.
-Greek yogurt is absolutely delicious and packs tons of protein to keep you full longer (f.a.g.e. is my absolute favorite!)
-Keep track. I've lost 50 pounds so far just by counting my calories. I plan everything I am going to eat that day in the morning and it makes it so much easier to stick to. I plan in 3 meals and two snacks!
-Keep snacks on hand. If you are starving by the time dinner comes, it is more likely you are going to overeat. I keep craisins and fiber bars in my purse just in case I'm out longer than I plan or something else comes up.

And to piggyback off of above, vegetables are also really good with hummus on them.

I'm sure I have more that I will think of later...
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