My hair and glycerin don't get along any time of the year. It's fine if it's in shampoo or rinse-out conditioner, but if it's in a leave-in or a moisturizer my hair will feel awful. Dry, rough, and greasy.

Everyone loves glycerin so much I thought it was my application or the products I was using. So, I tried different daily moisturizers with glycerin in different ways (and in different cities with different levels of humidity) and glycerin always makes we want to wash my hair and start over.
Black African Hair
There's only one like it in the world!

Preshampoo - Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm
Shampoo - KC Come Clean
Condition - Joico Moisture Recovery
Leave In - KCKT, Kiehl's Formula 133
Seal - Jojoba Oil
Moisturize - Rosewater