Here are two more things I thought of...

-Make your own "ice cream" with just a banana! All you have to do is slice up a banana and put it in the freezer for about an hour. Then you put it in the blender and voila! It actually becomes creamy and delicious and pure banana-y goodness! You can also add things to it like a bit of peanut butter or vanilla extract or something else delicious! Just make sure the banana is very ripe, otherwise the ice cream will taste "green".

-If you do want to use ground beef, buy the leanest one you can find, if you can afford it. Usually the leaner it is, the more expensive. Otherwise, buy whatever you can find and after you brown it, drain off all the fat, put the meat into a colander and RINSE it under the sink. Check out how much better you can make your regular old ground beef by rinsing it:
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