The only negative comments that I have heard myself are that I look better with my hair straight, from a few imbeciles who can't appreciate curly hair. If I wanted my hair straight or even liked it that way, I'd do something about it.. But I don't and I won't!
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They always say that to me. sucks cause I mean, we make such an effort to keep it healthy and beautiful when all they apparently want is to see it fried.
btw they gave me the comment of 'oh why haven't you straightened your hair, you look so pretty with it straight.'
Soon from shoulder length to bra length, while curly.

Hair Routine:
Organic Conditioner to cleanse and leave in
Almond, EVOO, or Castor Oil to seal.
No gel, but if needed FSG

3bc. some rare parts in 3a. I have mixed hair due to heat damage and texturizers.
medium thickness.
normal density.
normal porosity.
dark brown.

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