Hello everyone!!
I'm new here, I've just found this message board while surfing the net.
Anyways, I was the lucky child who inherited my mother's curls, but at the moment I'm unhappy with the way they look. The thing is, I have no idea what type of shampoo I should be using. I have been using cheapo grocery store brand shampoos and conditioners since I was little (suave, VO5, etc.)
I was wondering if any of you could help me out by reccomending me some products? My biggest complaints is that my hair gets extremely frizzy and the top of my head is always flat!! If I could have anything I just wish that my hair would curl all the way up to the roots. I would also love my curls to be more spiraly if that's possible. I've been trying to look at some products myself but I have no idea where to start! There's so many to choose from...
Here is a picture of my hair from a few months back:

Thank you everyone!!