Aww, thanks MH! When I mixing these two together, I cut down on both of them. So I take literally a fingertip of Boots (I just swipe as much that will fit on the upper part of my finger as big as my whole nail - but a thin layer, not too thick), and then squirt about a nickle size of Recoil, and rub them together between the palms of my hands and apply it to soaking wet hair. Like MH said, I don't use a leave-in when I'm using Boots either. Then I apply a gel over it like B&A or Abba Weightless (or one of the new ones I haven't had a chance to try with the combo yet, but I'm anxious to try Kiss My Face UM gel and HE SMU over it, so many combos, so little time ). But less is definitely more when it comes to using Boots. But you gotta love the clumping!
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07