You definitely need to give it at least a week, no less, and 2-3 weeks is even better. Are you using the same conditioner for co-washing and regular conditioning? You might try using 2 different ones, but you certainly don't have to. Granted I've only tried the NG aloe once, I didn't get such good results with it. You might be better off with the jojoba one. Definitely make sure your're gently but firmly massaging your scalp for a good couple of minutes before stopping, and then let it sit for another minute or two before you rinse it out. I assume the Goldwell mousse is CG-friendly? Just asking because I haven't tried it myself. Just make sure doing the massaging really well when you're co-washing though, and that should help some. You could also try doing an ACV or lemon + conditioner rinse, or an epsom salt/brown sugar scrub if your scalp feels itchy.
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