I have same annoyance, the 'fringe' and crown bit of my hair is a completely different much coarser texture and hardly curly (more frizzy) than the rest .. keep trying to dt just that bit and ... not much improvment .. I just have to pin them back too unfortunately ... I was considering shortening them a bit (they are sl or bsl ish) maybe it would make them more curly, but seeing how short your;s are and how similar our curl pattern is, perhaps it wouldnt

sorry I cant help xx
... my big usual smile for multicultcurly :P

3 b/c bsl length ridiculously thick brown curls with blonde highlights

I'm really like my curls but rarely wear my hair fully down as it isn't really styled and tends to go bushy

... really seeking an edgy indie style cut that suits my hair type, but wont make the move till I'm sure its right for me as I have been growing my hair to this point for so long