I have 3c hair but the same thing happened to me. I had just bought all these new products and was loving them. However after only a couple uses my hair started looking really crappy and feeling horrible. I was freaking out thinking i wasted all that money. My hair changed at the exact time the weather here in Chicago turned extremely dry and cold, but I wasn't sure if it was that or build up or what. Nothing I did worked to fix it. After a while I realized it was the weather, and the gels I had (rr and ccss) were drying out my hair because of the dry air for some reason. I stopped using them and that helped. I also eventually noticed that my hair felt more brittle and needed more moisture. I started being very gentle when applying product in the shower, and using a lot. I make sure my hair is well coated with product before I try to detangle now. I also have to cover up the vent in my bathroom when I shower because it sucks the moisture out of the room and makes a big difference in how my hair looks for the day. Hopefully when summer comes my hair will go back to how it was!
3c all the way! CG. Just started a new fotki album if you wanna see.

Favorite Cheapo routine: Sprite brand shower filter($40 lasts 3 months, then $29 for 4 refill filters), Trader Joe Refreshing Condish($3), Devacurl Nopoo occasionally($12 i think)