Hello all. I have low porosity hair as well..

I think of my LP hair as a bullet proof vest or teflon becaue nothing gets in there. My hair has to be saturated, soaking and drenched for it to do anything.

I have found that liquidy styling products work best for me (gels, gellies, serums, custards, glazes, etc.)
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I love your description of our low porosity hair!
Storm BC'd 12/30/09 (my gorgeous dd), low porosity, thick density, medium-coarse texture?, elasticity ?
Mom BC'd 5/31/10, fine texture, low porosity, normal density, low elasticity
Last relaxer, July 2008
Hair Type: HUMAN
Our HGs: Hair steamer, KCCC, AOHSR, generic conditioning balm conditioner
other products:FSG, KT, EO condish, KBBHN, EWNOC, DMBC, DMDCC, NG, EVOO, Almond Oil, Maha Bhringol oil, Henna & Ayurvedic powders