I know you've tried it with a gel, but try it with another one. I can actually see how it might feel gunky under Joiwhip. Not because Joiwhip is gunky, but the combination of the two just seems like it could get that way. How long is your hair btw? Mine is mid-back, which is why I use as much as I do in that combo.
My hair's just above shoulder length right now, but it's very thick. I always seem to need a lot of whatever product I'm using. It's a fine line though - I want control and less volume, but not too much or it just looks weighed down and droopy. I do have some B&A gel coming from Curlmart (delayed by the icestorm ) so I'll try it with that when it gets here.

Thanks for the help!
thick 3b; currently loving Devacurl and Kinky-Curly