Either way, they were masters of navigation and engineering while the natives hadn't even invented the wheel.
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Hmm really?

Where did we get the canoes from? oh yes thats right the Tainos!!!

Where did we get the idea of impeaching a ruler? hmm the Iroquois!

Who had the best agricultural system in the world (especially best in terms of yield)? The Tainos once again!

The Tainos also gave us the words hurrican (Hu=god racan=wind), tobacco, & rubber , they gave us hammocks, the idea of a bbq

The only reason Columbus reached the new world was due to his miscalculation on how to get to China & India

You say they were on a mission from "God" but didn't "God" say you can't commit murder, or steal, or desire your neighbors house or anything that belongs to them?!!
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Thank you.

The Europeans were SUPERIOR alright….they PERFECTED:

WAR – Starting with the Romans through to today’s illegal, criminal wars in the Middle East (also among each other – see inquisition, crusades, etc. etc.)
MURDER – Innocent people – native Americans, African Americans, etc. etc.
STEALING – natural resources that do not belong to them, ideas, people, etc. etc.
DISEASE – harvesting disease in their crowded European cities where they threw buckets of feces and urine onto the streets and then infecting the native Americans…in fact, deliberately giving the natives blankets infected with small-pox (BIOLOGICAL WARFARE), etc. etc.
SEXUAL PERVERSION – See Rome – all manner of perverse couplings….and before Rome – see the bible..it is chock-full of incest, homosexuality, murder, bestiality, pedophilia, etc.
RELIGION – Created a BS story so people could be enslaved, subjugated and stole the natural spirituality of innocent people in order to take their resources and lives
TRICKERY and DECEPTION – False-flag attacks, propaganda, hyper-nationalism, etc.
DESTRUCTION OF ECOLOGY – (not global warming – a natural occurring phenomenon) but the destruction of rivers, lakes, forests, animals, all that is good, all that is pure, for MONEY and POWER

Now that they’ve destroyed REAL KNOWLEDGE of the natives (plants – medicinal value) they want to go organic…LMAO!!! Now that the world is turned to ISH they want to go “green”… LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They were superior alright…SUPERIOR DEVILS.