I think it would help to know what part of jersey you're in?

I actually wouldn't have any experience to share with you, hehe, because the only curl friendly cut i've ever had so far WAS at Devachan in NYC.

However, it is a lot of traveling, and so i decided to do a bit of research, and came up with Laboratory hair studio in Morristown. I saw a few good reviews, and so i've made an appointment for next week!.

I will keep you posted with the results...
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please let me know how you like it! i live in central jersey, union county, and normally (if i had the money) i would totally go to nyc...but i feel like you end up paying just because its in nyc, so for the time being, im steering clear of nyc!
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I hear ya on the prices!
Sorry it took me so long... but i had to move my appt to next week, but ill def let you know how it goes!

To the comment below: I saw on their website as well that they use bumble and bumble... am a bit worried about that, and i'm thinking of bringing my own stuff or asking them to use something else??? Ill figure it out, but I don't think I'll be lured into buying any products i dont need/want :P I'm pretty set with stylers as of now....
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