I know this thread is old, but I'm an American spending the semester as a visiting student at the University of Edinburgh and I wanted to say thanks for the Boosh recommendation and to say a little about it in case there are any other curly-headed people trying to find a good haircut in Scotland

I called and tried to make an appointment with Mary, but apparently she's on vacation all January and booked solid until March. Since I've needed a haircut for about two months already I decided to take a chance with one of their other stylists, Jill, and the woman on the phone assured me Jill was more than capable and has been cutting hair for thirteen years. The salon is small, and when I went mostly empty, but modern and comfortable. The people who worked there were incredibly friendly and courteous, asked me if I wanted tea or coffee, and served my tea with two chocolates - having never been offered food at a hair appointment before I was quite pleased. The atmosphere is fairly relaxed, a little girl (maybe 2 years old) who I assume must belong to one of the stylists was wandering around the salon, looking very cute but not getting in anyone's way. Jill listened attentively to me describing what I wanted, and double checked that she had understood what I meant - great. Another woman shampooed and conditioned my hair, then Jill cut my hair wet. I've had dry cuts in the past but I actually think this turned out better. She first evened up my hair and fixed the layers where I'd botched them with kitchen scissors every once in a while, already a huge improvement, then cut my bangs at an angle so they fall into each other properly (another big improvement) and put some product in my hair. She showed me how to twist my curls a bit to get them to dry nicely, and put me under a heater. I don't like to talk during haircuts, I'd rather focus on what's being done to my hair, and was glad to see Jill was doing the same. She seemed to me to be familiar and comfortable with cutting curly hair and in my opinion did a great job. I payed about 30 ($45) for the cut, which seems reasonable to me considering I've paid upwards of $70 other places, and another 10 for a bottle of Tigi product. I'll update you if I take a shower tomorrow and it looks terrible, but right now I'm very happy and would definitely recommend this salon