I have had a few, but my personal favorite was when I was in CVS and this group of older women (I'm 16) saw me walk in. My hair was pretty big that day, and they were buying relaxers. One woman was wearing a weave, another had a TWA, but with broken ends. I confidently strode in, stopping in the hair care aisle (I'm a PJ) and then the oldest of the group said, "Boo needs to get a perm." I'm pretty sure I died from laughter.
I don't think that it matters what other people say. My least favorite is when someone goes "I love your hair!" and then they pause for a minute and go "Do you ever like, get it done?" I used to wear my hair straight up until May, so my first thought is, 'How long have you known me?' then my second is 'What would my hair look like if I 'got it done'?' It's really disheartening when you love your hair but it seems like so many other people don't.