As a result of teasing because of my big hair, I grew to HATE big hair. I tried everything to make my hair look flatter/less poofy. Even when I was chemically treating it and relaxing, it was still thick and big.

I'm naturally curly for almost three years. During this time, I still didn't like my big hair. I wore it it buns or ponytails most of the time in public. When I wore it down/out, I tried to "tame" it.

Today I went to the supermarket and I wore my hair out in a headband. I smoothed some serum in my hair and it still looked tame. But it was SUPER windy outside so by the time I got in the store, it was big and curls were everywhere.

And guess what? It looked HOT! :P It felt like sexy lion mane hair or something. A ton of volume with my curls poking in different directions. I'm having a good hair day today, so very minimal frizz...which made it look even better.

3C/4A and too long to handle (and afford!)