thanks to answer your question about frizz it does sometimes cause this usually on the 2nday but i find the styling step usually gets rid of it. after I am done with my bath i squeeze scrunch my hair with my hands then gently with my dog towel (a really great micorofiber towel that works better than any "curl" towel i have used and got it on sale then I use ions rinse out repair conditioner as a leave in then use towel to scrunch out any left over moisture and then flip my head upside down for my gel and then back up for my clips and any last min scrunching. I may air dry or diffuse and then when all dry scrunch with some oil (use a great massage oil that smells great and is mineral oil free) or coconut oil by that time no frizz left in sight. I have been playing around with using an old cut up tee for a wash cloth but found did not do the job of wetting and caused more frizz but I do use it for third round, round one is wetting then round two is curl form and sometimes wringing some water on top of head missed a spot but just a little, then i usually wring out the cloth and go again to get out some water and for even better curl formation that is when I find the tee is better.