By the way, my mom has this cheap Oster blender. It's cheaper than my Kitchenaid blender. It's way better, too. I was shocked by how good this cheapo blender is. I mean, I've abused this thing. I've used it for stuff I would in fact use a VitaPrep for. My mom of course yelling at me to not use the blender for those things and how I'm going to kill it. But no, it kept going. It got a little hot, but so do VitaMix/VitaPrep (and they do stop working until they cool down again). Heh, unless I win the lottery, I'll probably get myself the same blender and dump my fairly annoying and useless KitchenAid.
Anyway, if you're going to make smoothies, even if you're doing it every single day, you do not need a VitaMix. Any blender can make decent smoothies.