anyone here have this issue? I dyed my hair red for many years and recently started henna so i have about 5 inches of "healthy" hennaed hair and from there to mid-back i have the very porous dry hair the color blends fine but my hair reacts differently to cg methods! I can't condition my roots with out flatness, but i need tons of conditioner for the lengths, and second day hair is hopeless. On a humid day the top frizzes less and doesn't really tighten up but the ends do. On a dry day the top fells plenty moisturized but the rest is drryyy. Anyone know of a good product for volume and moisture?
Hair type: 3a, fine, porous (too much hair dye on lengths), hennaed
Products i love so far: devacare low-poo, gftn, yes to tomatoes, yes to carrots, burt's bees shea and grapefruit DT, oc, millcreek botanicals biotin conditioner aveda be curly style prep and curl enhancer, cjdf, ciab, bb fsg, bb styling mud, angel, cccclite