I went to Val at Laboratory a few weeks ago. I am closer to Morristown than you are, though. I went b/c of recommendations on this site.

I am not sure what I think anymore (which is why I still haven't submitted a formal review). At first I was very happy. She spent a lot of time & gave me a lot of helpful tips. She really seemed to know curly hair & what she said & did seemed to match the CG method. And she was really really nice. And I looked good!

But I have had to keep trimming my hair, b/c it is so uneven. I thought the point of a dry cut was to take the varying curl patterns into account & cut accordingly. On the other hand, maybe it takes a few times? I don't know.

I have a bigger issue with the Bumble & Bumble products I went home with. She actually recommended 5 Bumble & Bumble products for a total of something like $130. Yeah, right. I know that salons push their products, so I'm prepared for that--it's just an annoyance. What bothers me is that I discovered (after weeks of use) that the 2 products I did buy both contain dimethicone. I wasn't planning on sticking with them--I just wanted something while I researched what I wanted to try longer term--but this bothered me. I thought this was such a major no-no (although responses to a post I made on this weren't quite as alarmed as I was :-) ) I am getting a better curl now, but I'd still prefer not to have the cones in my hair.

I think I paid about $75.

In looking around, I've found mixed reviews for supposedly curly salons nearby, so I'm really not sure what to do. I'm actually considering the trek to Devachan, although if you read their reviews, they're mixed too....I may wind up trying another stylist at Laboratory, but I think I'd bring my own products (if I have the nerve). Hopefully by then I'll have figured out what the right ones are!
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Hi NanaChan!!!!

I finally got my haircut at Laboratory hair studios!!!!

I saw Lacey and i have to say, I do NOT regret it!
after seeing the above review, i was very hesitant, since their website does not mention they use Devachan products.... but she did! after explaining to her what i wanted, she asked me what products i had in my hair, how often i shampooed/conditioned my hair (i told her about my cg ways :P) and she understood immediately... she cut my hair dry... amazing cut, just as good or maybe even better () than Devachan... I believe she DID use a 'poo on me, because i had highlights done, and after the glaze, she had to wash my hair... but i'm not as worried about sulfates as i am of 'cones... SO i was super excited when she told me she was going to use One-Condition and Heaven in hair on me... after that she left some one c in my hair, and proceeded to apply some angel, and then dried my hair. Afterwards, she scrunched out with Mirrorcurls...

My experience there was superb, Lacey was nothing short of professional, and i was amazed that she did NOT try to push any other products on me... I DID end up buying the mirrorcurls, because i've been meaning to try it out, but overall, I was left with the feeling that i wanted lacey to be my stylist, at least for once....
I will wait until i have to style my own hair to leave a review for her, but i have a feeling its going to be a good one :P

if you wanna see pics, go to the 3a section, and go to the topic called....I need your opinionnnn.... or search those words, i posted some pictures of my cut :P....

Good luck with whatever you go with!
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