I think the worst part about it is, when the Penn governor, or the Ohio one, or Arizona, you can kind of avoid the topic if you go somewhere else, you know? You say you're from Ohio or Pennsylvania or wherever and most people don't immediately want to talk about your governor (or ex governor). I say I'm from AK, and they don't care about our amazing wilderness, or culture, or our amazing history from the gold rush to the earthquake. All anyone wants to know about is Sarah Palin. They assume we all know her personally, and the subject will not change. It's really frustrating when my state has so much to offer, and she stands in the way of that.

My Alaska is not Sarah Palin's Alaska.
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Kelso: Hey, guys? I'm thinking about getting a perm. Hyde, can I get the number of your guy?
Hyde: I don't have a guy. This righteous moss is a gift from God.
-That 70s Show