Ok, here's the story:
I live in Norway, but my parents are Indian immigrants.
Norwegians LOVE my indian hair & strangers in the street ask me for my hairsecrets.

When I tell them that I wash every 4. or 5.th day, they all think it's really gross!! They say that I'm unhygenic (sp?) & even girls in my class spread a rumour about this!!
I probably shouldn't tell them that I dont wash my face with water (only tissue-off cleanser).& I wonder what they would say about CO-washing.
People here wash every day with silicone shampoos & it's hard to find products with no cones.

I feel like I'm the crazy one. Should I just lie & tell them I wash every day & they will be pleased?
It's NOT fun when classmates think I have lice, just because I wash every 4.or 5.th day!!
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