Just last year - out of the blue my mom said "With that nice job you have you should be able to go to a good (expensive) stylist and get a good cut or something" (I've had $120 hair visits, and I'm 37 so I just laughed) but...I was in the process of growing it longer, and she made me feel so insecure, so I went and had it all cut off in a "shirley henderson" Brady bunch cut, and my husband hated it. I have very thin, fine curly hair, and all my life she (and others) kept telling me that people with thin hair should NEVER grow it long. The boys in school said I looked like a boy.

My husband talked me into growing it back out, and now that I've adopted a modified CG routine without blow dryers and curling irons, my hair seems a lot healthier, and he loves my shoulder lenghth curls. The women at work all said, I thought you liked your hair short, are you growing it out, and I proudly say "yes", and they men at work seem to notice me more which helps my confident. So I'm learning to love me...
2a/3a thin, fine, half wavy/half curly.. half crazy
Growing long - CO and Low Poo - Biolage Gelee and Aloe Vera Gel - Ouidad deep treat
"learning to love me"