Oh...I also broke my no buy to get that Mixed Silk stuff from Sally...17.25oz for $8 is crazy, I couldn't resist. I actually like it so far too.

Also re-upped on...
- HerbnLife Head Sprung
- Knotty Girl Drama Queen Moisture Balancing Condish
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You and this fake no buy.. LOL!! I just love ya!

It's the A-cone that keeps me away from this thing. I don't want any excuse to put sulfates in my head after this long hiatus. My hair loves cones too.. naughty hurr...
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Doesn't the A-cone come out with cocobetaine? I know that is in a lot of my cleansers so I thought it'd be okay.
Girlie, you know I love loopholes! I'm in PR - we are the queens of spin! Conditioners allowed! For some reason, as Izzy gets longer I've been using more expensive condishes to cowash with, because I need that extra slippiness to finger detangle in the shower.

So...I'm retrying the CJ Smoothing Condish (I wasn't too excited the first time I tried it, but I do remember it being slippy) and the DevaCurl One Condition...
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What do you like about the Mixed Silk stuff? I was in Sally's but resisted the temptation to purchase.
4a Curly

Been natural since Jan 09. BCing is my thing!! Love to keep a tight TWA!

My Staples:
CJ Smoothing Conitioner, CJ Daily Fix,Cherry Lola Treatment, CJ CCCC, CJ Smoothing Lotion, Uncle Funky's Daughter Curly Majic, KCCC, Eco Blue and KMF UMG