Sometimes a dry, flaky scalp means that you are sensitive to something in your products. I get SUPER itchy and flaky when something doesn't agree with my scalp. But, that doesn't sound like the case with you -- how curly is your hair? Most of the time, tighter curls = drier curls. Maybe you could try cutting out your low poo and CO-washing more often to add more moisture to your hair. You might even need to CO-wash with something heavier, like your Tresemme Naturals (do you have the Volumizing one or the Moisture one?). You might also try massaging your scalp with oil the night before you shampoo and washing it out in the morning. Some popular oils on here are sweet almond, jojoba, and coconut, but I like plain old EVOO when I put oil in my hair. Also, your gel could be drying your hair out, too. I used to have the HETT gel, and it dried me out really bad. I gave it to a curly friend who has more naturally moisturized hair.

Type 2c/3a with lots of hair and a super sensitive scalp! Med/slightly coarse texture, low porosity and elasticity.

Low poo: Organix TTM, Essential Wholesale Free & Clean
Stylers: EcoStylers, GF Curl Shaping Gel, Aussie Aussome Volume Mousse & Instant Freeze Gel, GFPC, LALNC, La Bella Lots of Curls, Apricot Oil, KMFUM, AO B5DG
Extras: sugar scrubs, AVG washes, pre-poos with EVCO, oiling scalp before washes, plopping, gelatin PT.
Mod-CG since 12/1/10!