Ugh, I get this in my own house. I'm not even on CG, I just don't shampoo every day, more like twice a week. I also, like CurlyMireya, don't shower every single day becaue my body can't take it, but wash the important places in between. My little brother, with straight hair he shampoos in the shower every single day, has the nerve to keep insisting that I am dirty and he has way better hygiene than me! I'll tell him that my hair would be super dry if I washed it every day, it would probably fall out, the human body isn't naturally dirty, etc. but when I tell him how drying it would be he says "So you'd rather be soaking in oil?" I am nowhere near oily, he just assumes because I don't shampoo everyday I am gross. I think his ignorance is a big reason I'm glad I'll be moving out for college next schoolyear.

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