I finally tried the tangle teezer. It has a small booklet and as you read through it you begin to think perhaps this brush is truly a miracle brush. So I decided to detangle after I dc for 45 minutes with a mixture of alter ego carrot hair mask and shea moisture african black soap conditioner.
I have super thick,low porosity grazing hip length hair(shrinkage is not a laughing matter) so I had my reservations since the denman brush was a complete disaster. I seperated my hair in sections and started detangling my ends first. It seemed okay in the beginning but eventually I noticed it was snagging my hair I began getting flashbacks of the denman. I had a more then larger amount of hair on the TT that I'm not used to. I was horrified. I had to use a wide tooth comb eventually it just didn't work out for me. The bristles are softer than the denman but not good enough to detangle my hair I will continue using my wide tooth combs.
Someone asked earlier I'm not sure who, about the difference between the TT and a shampoo brush. From my observation the bristles on the TT are randomly spaced out from short to tall it is not just one size throught the device. Also the mechanism that holds the bristles in place on the TT is thick while the SB is thin. HTH