Ok, so I worked with the TT today and because I knew I was going to have to spend some time detangling this was a good test run for it.

I detangled dry first, well, oil on dry hair. The TT was able to get those balls of coils that can get on my ends from the shed hair well, but my roots laughed at the TT. My hair laughed until I pulled out my regular shower comb to do the real work. TT will never work on my roots, but is nice for getting at the ends on dry hair. I probably won't use it on dry hair again.

Next use - I used the TT again, when I detangled with conditioner under the shower. It was a little better. I noticed the clumping of curls. Still needed to pull out my comb on certain sections of my hair.

Decided to try the TT distribute my leave in conditioner. It was ok. I needed to use smaller sections than I wanted. Definitely wasted time going into even smaller sections of hair. Again, it was good for the ends and decent as I went further up. I was also concerned because my hair was so smooth after my DC and in certain sections, the TT would cause fuzz.

Please note, my hair coils on itself all on its own. I can detangle once at one stage and will need to detangle again at a different stage. This has always been the case for me. And again, I had kind of neglected my hair the past 2 weeks.

For me though, no matter how easy it is to detangle my hair, the bristles are too short and not strong enough. I have dense hair and I would have to make very small sections for the TT to work its way through. There were times where it seemed like the TT was doing work because the bristles were actually bending and giving to the will of my hair. When I followed with my wide tooth comb to check, I would run into tangles about halfway up. The give in the bristles would make me think it was sliding through my hair, but my wide tooth comb told the real story.

I'll try it again when there's less work needed, but right now, I'm not wowwed by it. I can use it since the TT seems to work best for getting the little balls out at the ends where they may occur. I'm thinking I would still need to use my wide tooth comb with the TT in most other cases, especially the closer I get to my roots.
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