For me though, no matter how easy it is to detangle my hair, the bristles are too short and not strong enough. I have dense hair and I would have to make very small sections for the TT to work its way through. There were times where it seemed like the TT was doing work because the bristles were actually bending and giving to the will of my hair. When I followed with my wide tooth comb to check, I would run into tangles about halfway up. The give in the bristles would make me think it was sliding through my hair, but my wide tooth comb told the real story.

I'll try it again when there's less work needed, but right now, I'm not wowwed by it. I can use it since the TT seems to work best for getting the little balls out at the ends where they may occur. I'm thinking I would still need to use my wide tooth comb with the TT in most other cases, especially the closer I get to my roots.
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This was similar to my experiences and is why I finger detangle for the most part. I also had a hard time the closer I got to my scalp. My hair is too thick and dense for that.

I still like over the other brushes I've used so I use a combination of fingers and TT.
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