How did you ladies use it? what was your routine with it
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I wet my hands, and rub the waterover the spot or area where I need the gel. Then I take the aloe vera gel (I also use Trader Joes version) and smooth it over my hair with my hands. I DON'T use a brush. Then, I continue to smooth my hair into the style I want. Once I'm satisfied with it, I tie it down with a satin scarf for a little while. And ta-da! lol.
3c with a mix of 4a. BC'd February 5, 2011!!!

Shampoo/Co-washing: Shea Moisture-Moisture Retention Shampoo; Shea Moisture- Coconut Hibiscus Curling Control Shampoo
Deep Treatment: Shea Moisture Intensive Treatment
Leave-in Conditoner: Karen's Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia; Darcy's Botanicals Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Creme.
Styling Products: Karen's Body Beautiful Butter Love; Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie; Jane Carter Wrap & Roll