I'm sorry to hear how ignorant people are! When I told my friends I only washed twice a week (at that) they had a look of disgust, but when they realised my hair looked good for it, they stopped pestering.

My straight haired friend was like "you CONDITION every TIME! what a WASTE!" luckily another curly was there and backed me up that conditioner is an essential for curly hair. i just imagined her poor straight hair being shampoo'd (with head and shoulders, strong stuff) then no conditioner - ICK!

i'd probably not mention your washing either way - as I wouldnt want to lie incase they try and imitate what you do, but to avoid criticism just say "thanks! it takes a lot of work!" and maybe give them a few ideas like using 'certain types of conditioner that will keep my curls frizz free' etc.

and you KNOW you've got great curls and they aren't dirty so shame on them!

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