Have been following this thread for a while now so thought it was time to post up! There are some truly fabulous grey curlies on this thread and your stories and pics have inspired me - so thank you!

Decided to embrace the grey! Have been deliberating on it since late summer and had my last hi/lo lights on 17 August 2010 (although I didn’t know they’d be my last at the time!) Did have a toner applied to tone down the 'yellow' highlights at the end of December (was sooo dark!) but has faded completely now. Not sure whether I'll repeat tho' as it fades so quickly and starts off so dark! Seeking a way of toning down the yellow at home whilst growing out.

Jeepcurlygurl's suggestion of using the Ardell red/gold corrector to counter yellow in grey hair sounded very interesting as I really like the fact that it can be added to your own choice of condish. Wasn't sure if it be a good option for me now (for the highlights) so went along to a central London Sally's to ask. Unfortunately, they no longer stock this product and the staff had no suggestions or ideas for me (Sally's in the UK is c**p!). I can purchase online but was wondering whether I should go ahead and give it a whirl on the highlights? Any suggestions much appreciated!

Pic below, of where I'm at right now!
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