Oh where do I begin?????......................... I mean it was pretty rough for me as a young one and I wore my hair blowdried out most of the time as a kid because my mom refused to deal with my "curly nappy mess" (her words)...... So I had a big poofy embarrassing mess

One time my grandma got so frustrated with my hair that she decided to take to me to the hairdresser so they could do it that failed they skipped me and went to the next person! and when grandma said somethin about it they said I would be next but they skipped me again!!! My little feeling were so hurt. I was like 8.....

Lets see in school I got called : Afro puff, Wooly mammoth (I had a mustache too and mom wouldnt let me shave it)mustache, chubakka, buckshot, beedabee, nappy, a hairy man, sideburns........okay the list goes on and on. Some times I would wash my hair in the morning and put it in a ponytail for school and you would be able to see some curls poppin out and someone would shout "Here comes buckshot everybody duck!!!!" Someone would always be tellin me to go shave or get a perm (relaxer). Or they would say that I need to tell my mom to "do my hair". Kids can be cruel right?!

Adults are no better.....
I would be at the hairdresser and people would just stare at me horrified. And nobody would want to do my hair so I would have wait FOREVER. Then when it was finally my turn and they would see my hair start to curl as it got wet, they would start to freak out and argue amongst themselves about who was going to do my hair (as if I couldn't hear them.) And it would be so embarrassing because when I would get my hair blowdried the comb attatchment would keep falling off and the stylist would curse at me and tell me how much I need a relaxer and how I shouldnt be going to the hairdresser without having a relaxer (which is probably why i get anxiety attacks if i just see a hair salon....).

Then when I wanted to go natural I was told by my EX hairstylist (her is 2a ish mine is 3c and very similar to EmpressRi) --- and quote you don't have hair like you me can't go natural. You either need a relaxer or you need to blow dry your hair straight, but you can't be natural unquote She also once referred to her and another girls hair as "good hair" and my hair as "little black girl hair" So what is she tryna say about little black girls?!?!

Then last but not least my ex friend who is a curlie but now tex laxes i think......she would always put me down for my hair. She would say stuff like "I have good hair and you have that nappy black people stuff" So ignorant!

Anyways I wish they both could see my hair now, its so fantabulous!!! I get so many complients. Some people are still ignorant tho. I still get asked "where do you buy your weave from" or "where did you buy your ponytail from?" And I'm like uh its mine. But um this site has help me so much, I'm in my second transition and I did a mini bc on Jan 18th of this year. And thanks to empressri for all her product reviews and vids.

K im done rambling. Sorry this is sooo long. Please forgive me.

ps my DH looooves my curly hair and actually prefers it curly. Isn't he adorable??????

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