I've gotten used to people gawking and starring at me, but the most annoying was this one time in CVS around sophomore year. I was standing in line and these two ignorant "women" (they both needed to grow the F' up) started singing "I Wanna Rock With You" by Michael Jackson. At first, I thought it was just out of the blue until I walked out of the store. These two apparently didn't have lives (and had a thing against my afro), because they kept singing it and then laughed at me behind my back. I didn't look at them because I don't like fighting with people and these two weren't worth my time anyways. I hate jerks.
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That is so crazy something similar happened to me.....It was when I first started wearing my hair naturally curly and we had just moved to a new neighborhood. So, I go outside and I'm thinkin I look too cute and someone in a group of kids (teens) pointed at me and said "look yall she looks like Michael Jackson !!!! Hee hee!!!!" And then they all started laughin and sing michael jackson songs.

So stupid. I empathize with you I really do....