Yesterday I decided to just try a leave-in as my styler, namely GVP CB. I used a dime-sized amount, coated my hair, scrunched a little, then let it air dry. I didn't have to go anywhere, so I was okay with however it turned out. It dried into soft, bouncy waves (I'm a 2a/b/c depending on which piece of hair you are looking at). That was the first sign that my hair liked it.

The second sign was that I woke up this morning without having my hair standing up on my head (it's too short to pineapple correctly). It looked just like it did when I went to bed. I didn't even have to rewet or anything.

Thirdly, it's raining here, so the humidity is up this morning, and while I have more volume since I have no gel whatsoever, it's tolerable. It looks and feels nice.

Has anyone had success with just a leave-in only regimen all year long? Thinking of how simple this could make my life and how much my wallet would love it if this could work all year. It's really amazing. I haven't not used gel in so long, I just thought it was necessary. Anyone else had success?